trolleyIn 2011 Geocentric launched its “Save the Trolley” campaign. We recognise the fact that many destitute and homeless people use shopping trolleys and “wheelie” bins as a means to collect recyclable materials in return for money in order to make a living. After extensive research and investigations we found that many communities and neighbourhoods have suffered the scourge of criminals using the very same methods as a disguise to walk the area, access properties and cart stolen goods away. Through our campaign we started to educate and inform communities, neighbourhood watches and Police forums about the issues related to trolleys and we also presented our findings to the City of Cape Town.

Where Geocentric manages urban environments we practice a zero-tolerance approach to this problem and have demonstrated how this approach resulted in a significant decrease in certain types of crime, especially on or before refuse collection days.

Our approach goes hand-in-hand with the Give Responsibly campaign of the City of Cape Town.