Geocentric provides a professional urban cleaning service to the improvement districts we manage. Our well-equipped cleaning teams are trained to deal with most urban cleaning challenges on a day-to-day basis. Their efforts is based on our ability to develop well-planned cleaning schedules for each area with due consideration of specific needs and the rate of work that can be achieved every day. Our cleaning plans and schedules are developed using our Geographic Information Systems based models for each improvement district. We constantly review these plans to ensure the best possible levels of service.

Our team members are equipped with appropriate safety equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety. We train our maintenance staff to practice the utmost caution when operating in the urban environment and safety is of paramount importance.

Geocentric maintenance teams are supported by our area managers to provide access to our utility trailers for dealing with issues such as illegal dumping and our technical support trailers equipped with power tools, chain saws and equipment to deal with almost any challenge.