With grateful thanks for the support, advice, guidance and sheer hard work you have done for us…
Congratulations on your newsletter! It is an excellent document which I am sure you are very pleased with. It will also be a very useful tool when I get inquiries which happen from time to time about “How do we go about establishing a CID?” I shall certainly refer them to your website.                                                                                                                 .

Many, many thanks for the time you put aside in your busy day to chat to us whilst we were in Cape Town…..You have taught us so much and we can only stand in awe of what you have achieved in the city centre.                                                                                          .

Many thanks for your prompt assistance with this survey which greatly assists us to understand the financial implications.                                                                                                   .

I really like the new map, very effective and easy to use                                                                                    .

Hi Greetings…Wish your services extended to being here!

Thank you again for all your input and positive enthusiasm over the past few months and in all the meetings we’ve had so far.                                                                                             .

Geocentric has been appointed to assist the Philippi East City Improvement District initiative.  The initiative which is also supported by Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI) aims to establish a SRA for the Philippi East Industrial area by 1 July 2013.  Geocentric already completed the initial Perception Survey in November and December 2011.  For more information please contact Gene Lohrentz – gene@geocentric.co.za

Gene Lohrentz of Geocentric Information Systems has been working with city improvement district initiatives since 2000. Geocentric provides a wide range of services to city improvement districts including but not limited to assistance with the establishment of CIDs, the setup of management systems, the development of measurable objectives and support on information technology.

Now Geocentric has established a new website aiming at providing a concise on-point location for more information on CIDs and Special Rating Areas (SRAs). For more information please visit www.cityimprovement.co.za. SRAs that are being developed will also find a home here. Geocentric will list and support any new SRA initiative and list it here so that there is a web presence for these initiatives right from the start. If you would like to add a link to your SRA website here or have information on CIDs and SRAs to contribute please contact us at info@geocentric.co.za

Geocentric supported the establishment process of the
Kenilworth Glosderry CID initiative in 2011 with a photographic urban management survey, property database analysis and the development of the initial business plan.  The project was initiated by Presles, a major property owner in the area.  It is envisaged that the application for the establishment of this SRA will be lodged in 2012.

Property owners, residents and community members identified serious problems along and adjacent to Voortrekker Road through Parow and Bellville.   Collectively the issues of crime and grime, homelessness, aggressive begging, informal car guards, prostitution and drug dealing are all escalating alarmingly.  Radio Tygerberg supported by the Bellville Sakekamer has taken the initiative to seek solutions to these problems and subsequently appointed Geocentric to manage and support the entire VRCID SRA process.  Geocentric developed the entire business process and the application for the establishment of the VRCID.  The VRCID implementation is scheduled for 1 July 2012.