Beste Gene

Ek wil net weereens uit die diepte van my hart vir jou baie dankie sê dat jy opgetree het as ons gasspreker.

Die terugvoer was geweldig positief.

Dankie vir jou passie om die middedorpe terug te wen vir ons mense en ook jou betrokkenheid by die Strand.

Ons het nou weer moed vir ons dorp se toekoms!                                                                                                                       .





this is brilliant, and such an incredibly useful study.  ….this kind of data will really start to seriously pay off in the future as we look at service provision, development targeting, and investor relations……  It’s value can’t be underestimated.                                                                                                                                                                         .

Thanks a million for last night, we really appreciate everything you’ve done and look forward to meeting with you very soon                                                                                                     .

With grateful thanks for the support, advice, guidance and sheer hard work you have done for us…
Congratulations on your newsletter! It is an excellent document which I am sure you are very pleased with. It will also be a very useful tool when I get inquiries which happen from time to time about “How do we go about establishing a CID?” I shall certainly refer them to your website.                                                                                                                 .

Many, many thanks for the time you put aside in your busy day to chat to us whilst we were in Cape Town…..You have taught us so much and we can only stand in awe of what you have achieved in the city centre.                                                                                          .

Many thanks for your prompt assistance with this survey which greatly assists us to understand the financial implications.                                                                                                   .

I really like the new map, very effective and easy to use                                                                                    .

Hi Greetings…Wish your services extended to being here!

Thank you again for all your input and positive enthusiasm over the past few months and in all the meetings we’ve had so far.                                                                                             .