Enjoy our “before” and “After” gallery of work done in our CIDS

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Geocentric maintains a modern fleet of urban management vehicles and trailers to support our work.  Our well-maintained vehicles provide our managers with the ability to move staff and equipment in the area, visit clients, stake holders and property owners and patrol the area frequently.

Our vehicles are branded with distinctive branding to enhance visibility thereby augmenting the presence of the improvement district public safety and management components.

Our utility trailers provide the ability to deal with issues of illegal dumping, and the clearing of unwanted waste in support of our cleaning teams and our maintenance trailers provide mobile workshops to deal with urban maintenance tasks that may be required in the area.

We have a central pool of resources that includes our ride-on lawnmowers for cutting grass over larger areas. brush cutters, additional sets of hand-tools and equipment for special tasks, high pressure sprayers to clean surfaces and special tools such as chain saws and petrol generators to make our work mobile and flexible.  We have a central workshop maintaining all our equipment.  We also build our own specialized trailers and vehicles as we need them like our recently completed fire fighter and water tanker.

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Geocentric provides a professional urban cleaning service to the improvement districts we manage.  Our well-equipped cleaning teams are trained to deal with most urban cleaning challenges on a day-to-day basis.  Their efforts is based on our ability to develop well-planned cleaning schedules for each area with due consideration of specific needs and the rate of work that can be achieved every day.  Our cleaning plans and schedules are developed using our Geographic Information Systems based models for each improvement district.  We constantly review these plans to ensure the best possible levels of service.

Our team members are equipped with appropriate safety equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety.  We train our maintenance staff to practice the utmost caution when operating in the urban environment and safety is of paramount importance.

Geocentric maintenance teams are supported by our area managers to provide access to our utility trailers for dealing with issues such as illegal dumping and our technical support trailers equipped with power tools, chain saws and equipment to deal with almost any challenge.

Our years of CID experience has developed our skills to ensure the best level of service delivery. We know how to deal with urban management issues and we lead by providing recycling solutions to urban challenges such as waste management, by developing social upliftment through our work creation programmes to give homeless people a  real opportunity to improve their lives and by implementing informal trading management plans that benefits the entire business community.

The operational delivery of CID business plans relies on continued interaction with the service providers and the various line departments of the local authority. This requires a particularly robust level of communication, negotiation and focus to bring existing service delivery to an acceptable standard in the area and deliver “top-up” CID services that truly transform the public environment.

Geocentric is well on the way with the development of our own plant nursery. Starting small we have just created a large semi-shaded area at our Head Quarters in Elsies River and have already accumulated several plants ready for planting once the water restrictions are lifted. This is an initiative to grow our own water wise plants for our welcome and potted gardens in our CIDs.





Geocentric will make these plants available to the CIDS at significantly reduced prices, stretching the budgets of our CIDs and providing good quality plants that will last. The plant nursery will focus on hardy plants for urban landscaping including Wild Irises, Restios, Plectranthus neochilus (Lobster Flower) and various succulents

Geocentric is excited about the completion of our own water tanker and fire fighter. We initially developed the concept to deal with issues such as cleaning sidewalks to remove human faeces and to help with the watering of our gardens in the various CIDs. With the onset of the water restrictions we re-focused our greening efforts on potted gardens and hence our water tanker now allows us to water a significant number of pots in a single day using well-point water (we are well aware of the current water restrictions and will abide by the rules accordingly when considering watering our plants).

We also fitted a commercial firefighter pump and high-pressure hose reel that gives us a limited firefighting capability should the need ever arise and our vehicle is in the right place at the right time. Geocentric will make this resource available to all the CIDs that we manage and we believe it will contribute to the array of services we provide to our property and business owners.

Geocentric in partnership with Pinewatch Security is proud to announce our mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera solution. Deployed from the Geocentric Mobile CCTV surveillance unit the Mobile LPR solution allows us to detect suspicious vehicles at random locations within our City Improvement Districts especially in support of Metro and SAPS VCPs. Geocentric will also support NHW initiatives from time to time to make the facility available at random locations during operations to detect vehicles involved in criminal activity. The system is linked to the national LPR database. The system is technically supported by Pinewatch Security and is also linked to the Pinewatch Control Room for additional backup.