Public Safety

Geocentric believes in building formal partnerships that deliver real safety. We understand how the pathways to crime work and we know how to implement public safety plans that work.

Geocentric has therefore invested significant research into and has implemented best practices that do not only focus on fighting crime but also contribute to building safety.

Through the development of our public safety initiatives for our improvement district clients we also gained extensive knowledge in the planning, implementation, and operations of CCTV networks as a tool to enhance public safety in the urban environment.

Geocentric provide extensive training in public safety to all the patrol officers in the improvement districts we manage.  Our training programme  was developed with strategic public safety knowledge gained from strategic partnerships with academic and government agencies and well known experts in the field of public safety.

Geocentric has equipped itself with a range of public safety equipment in support of our daily operations and activities with law enforcement agencies including our own mobile command post, mobile CCTV surveillance unit,  power generators and area lights for night time operations and high visibility signage.

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