Urban Management

Our years of CID experience have developed our skills to ensure the best level of service delivery. We know how to deal with urban management issues and we lead by providing recycling solutions to urban challenges such as waste management, developing social upliftment through our work creation programs to give homeless people a  real opportunity to improve their lives, and by implementing informal trading management plans that benefit the entire business community.

The operational delivery of CID business plans relies on continued interaction with the service providers and the various line departments of the local authority. This requires a particularly robust level of communication, negotiation, and focus to bring existing service delivery to an acceptable standard in the area and deliver “top-up” CID services that truly transform the public environment.

Great for you

We also fitted a commercial firefighter pump and high-pressure hose reel that gives us limited firefighting capability should the need ever arise and our vehicle is in the right place at the right time. Geocentric makes this resource available to all the CIDs that we manage and we believe it will contribute to the array of services we provide to our property and business owners.

Make it happen

Geocentric is excited about the completion of our own water tanker and fire fighter. We initially developed the concept to deal with issues such as cleaning sidewalks to remove human faeces and to help with the watering of our gardens in the various CIDs. With the onset of the water restrictions we re-focused our greening efforts on potted gardens and hence our water tanker now allows us to water a significant number of pots in a single day using well-point water